In my team of MITTELPUNKT • ZHONGDIAN, German design meets Chinese market knowledge, decade-long asia experience with excellent  communicative and intercultural competence in addition to German thoroughness and discipline with Chinese efficiency and speed, but now and then accepting Chinese calmness.

We have close contacts to photographers, authors, printers, programmers and translators worldwide. Quite a number of projects require fast communication across whole continents and therefore night shifts. However, sustainable results require more than one night of work. With the awareness of our skill and passion we know our worth and your gain.

I am one of those agents that like to offer their customers full service, 24/7 on 365 days of the year, anywhere and on all channels. Year-long work experience on different continents has shown, that a lot of time, money and energy can be saved by always being contactable. So far, every one of my customers has reacted with empathy when I was temporarily unavailable, due to private preferences.

I would also like to express my earnest gratitude for the faith that both my partners and customers had in me in the past few years!

Susanne Zippel
总经理 | 平面设计师