Podium  |  Frankfurt/Main (Germany)  |  October 2013
Trends in book design

As part of a range of panel talks for the forum Production in Publishing at the Frankfurt Book Fair, as a member of the jury of this year’s award “Best Book Design from all over the World”, I had the honour to talk to Greger Bergvall (Swedish Book Design Award), Sarah de Graef (Belgian competition De Best Vormgegeven Boeken) and Annelies Lievrouw (Belgian competition Fernand Baudin Prize) about the future of the book and trends in book design. The very exciting discussion was presented by Alexandra Sender, Managing Director of Stiftung Buchkunst.

A welcome trend was pinpointed: the fact that an increasing number of small and very small publishers are being founded to enable high-quality book productions. Both in terms of content and technology, there is a previously unattained synthesis. Consequently, the paper book has a bright future, even if the digital medium of eBook will clearly drive out the analogue book as a mass offering.

I don’t yet want to touch on the subject of revolution and so I requested that the discussion be resumed in five years.



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