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Strategic Branding

MITTELPUNKT  ZHONGDIAN provides consulting services to companies and agencies in China and Germany on multilingual visual communication and target group-oriented presentation of brands and products, with the priority to maintain and convey your own corporate identity. Our experience helps you to more specifically target your corporate design and thus your brand message to your customers’ ways of thinking and viewing things on the growing Chinese market.

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Corporate Design & Manuals

Upon request we overtake the entire design, adaptation and implementation of your visual business communication. We expand your corporate-design-manual regarding the necessary additions of Chinese fonts and typographical regulations. Your Designers on site will be given a solid basis in the national language, with which you can visualise the exact components of your Corporate Design in the future. Why not save horrendous costs at that? Ask us!

Your Design Manual has already been translated to English/Chinese and still specifications are crossed over by Chinese graphic designers? Let us find points of misunderstanding together!

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Corporate Typeface & Typography

Susanne Zippel has taught typography and font design in both China and Germany. She is used to the challenges posed by CJK-fonts and will most certainly find the counterpart to your corporate typeface for the “big three” languages of Eastern Asia. For the implementation of CJK-fonts we work with both Eastern and Western font creators.

You are looking for a Chinese, Japanese or Korean equivalent of your corporate typeface. Maybe you have already found one. But is it really fit for the challenges of the modern media, does it really incorporate all letters needed for international communication? We evaluate and optimize global fonts.

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We love knowledge and the media it is transported by – regardless in what language. We design books, magazines and brochures. Previous works of ours have already received numerous awards – build on our experience and excellence!

Making a business report look the same in all it’s different languages would not only be disrespectful, it would also not be possible. Corporate Identity however, has to be guaranteed transnationally. We know how.

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Of course, we transfer all compositions to all media you need.

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Logotype chinese

Foreign companies that trade and produce in the People’s Republic of China are required to adapt a Chinese brand name. It is a good idea to also adapt your Corporate Identity, so that Chinese consumers can relate with your company and the products it sells.

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We do everything, a typical Design agency has on offer. But there’s more to us: an understanding of the cultural heritage of the markets, which you want to capture.

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Naming Brands & Products

Foreign companies with branches located in China are required to adapt a Chinese brand name. The choice of characters for translation and/or transcription is incredible. Incredibly huge and incredibly difficult to handle. With the meaning of these characters, whole worlds can be created. We love and live this language!

An example of a less successful attempt to find a well-liked, internationally compatible but not already connoted name, can be seen in the East-to-West translation of the car producer Megane, which means “glasses” in japanese.

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In China, packaging is what makes a product attractive and draws the curiosity of potential buyers. In Japan, packaging is art. This typically poses some challenges for the Packaging Design and Product Placement departments of Western Companies. We work for the implementation of mutually developed ideas, that fulfil these requirements without neglecting the distances your products need to cover.

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You offer products on the Asian market? Are they presented as premium goods or should be seen as such? We are on site in China, Japan and Korea to evaluate their image on the local market.

How often can a salesperson not inform your customers about your product? How often is a Chinese license glued over your product label or the label itself on the wrong product?

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Process support

You are just about to build up your presence in Asia? Let us sit down together and model the many visual components of your appearance on the different markets in the Far East. Our experience with Asia makes us just the right choice to adjust your Corporate Design (and thus Message) to the mentality and customs of your customers in the growing markets.

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Quality control and Optimization

Done. Your Brand, your products are introduced to the Far East Market. Now to the consistency and optimization. You have put a lot of time and money into Corporate Design, a powerful pillar of your Corporate Identity. But while the maintenance of technical capacities and improvement of production cycles goes without saying for most companies, taking care of the visualisation is often disregarded.

You visit your own stand on a trade fair in China and are surprised at the softening up of your Brand? A heavy blow to the image of your company in a country, in which consumers become increasingly critical and demanding, especially towards foreign businesses. Show respect and nurture your Identity.

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Your local workers in Asia must be able to identify with your company. This requires consistent application of the various aspects of communication Design not just to the “outside” but also the “inside” of your business. We modify your design regulations according to your Corporate Design guidelines, for your signage system and production sites in the Far East.

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We adapt your Corporation Design in every-so-small detail. Your Designers on site will be given a solid basis in the national language, with which you can visualise the components of your Corporate Design in the future. Why not save horrendous costs at that? Ask us!

You have already translated your design manual to English/Chinese, yet Chinese graphic designers still disregard your guidelines? Start with us and soon your Graphic Department will function perfectly without external help.

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With good conscience we can claim to cooperate with  excellent translation businesses in Asia and Germany. Again and again our customers confirm what we already know – our texts are accurate, precise and well-suited for their purpose.

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Type design & Lettering

We design fonts or occasion-suited texts with letters drawn to specifically meet your needs, with pleasure especially in Chinese and Japanese. On your behalf we stay in touch with professional calligraphists.

Handwriting has a long tradition in the Far-East and even today is an expression of character. Recently it experiences a renaissance, especially in China. A well-formed character can earn a lot of respect. With us, this respect is yours to gain.

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We design and let others do the programming – just the way core business concentration works. However, the cooperation with our partner “Neuland” is not only characterized by efficiency and transparency, it is based on trust shaped by mutual respect.

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