I like to call myself a design engineer, a word I coined to best describe the challenges of my daily work.

My name is Susanne Zippel. I am originally from Berlin, but have been living and working between the continents of Europe and Asia since 1991. Meanwhile, I speak Chinese better than Japanese and I can write Korean. I was happy to forget Russian. Above all, I am a passionate communication designer with a focus on script and typography and a degree from the Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee (Academy of Art Berlin). Before my degree, I trained to become a bookbinder, typesetter and photographer.

I lived for five years in the Japanese city of Yokohama, and later for more than five years in the Chinese city of Suzhou, near Shanghai. It was there that in 2009, together with Chinese partners, I founded the consulting and design agency for visual communication, MittelpunktZhongdian.

When I moved back to Germany in 2011, my office moved to north Berlin. The same year, my detailed book on Chinese typography, »Fachchinesisch Typografie«, was published. It concerns the challenges of a multilingual corporate design, and has meanwhile won multiple awards.