Office  |  Berlin (Germany)  |  August 2016
Going global

At this time, we cannot – yet – reveal more about the »Handelsblatt Global Edition«. Stay tuned, however, there is much to come!

Event  |  Berlin (Germany)  |  July 2015
A German-Japanese open-air cinema

A cinema in Berlin-Mitte: during the Japan-cinema days the film »Maihime – The dancer« was on stage. Shot in the historic year of 1989, as the only East German-Japanese film production, the film tells the story of a young woman who gets desperate about her love to a Japanese man. A tragic story by true …

Lecture  |  Düsseldorf (Germany)  |  January 2015
Conference: China Business Insights

Dusseldorf’s first China-Conference CHINA BUSINESS INSIGHTS, organised by Handelsblatt and HSBC, took place on January 26th. With 300 participants it was so well booked, that occasionally it was difficult to find a seat. While keynote-speakers such as Daimler-CEO Dieter Zetsche or Stephen King, head economist of HSBC, presented many facts, numbers …

Reisebericht  |  Paju (Seoul)  |  November 2014
Learning by teaching

Six weeks in South Korea and Japan: crammed full with workshops and lectures, including an intense five days with Ahn Sang-Soo – one of the most internationally known korean Designers (and keen lover of red caps). Because Ahn keeps tight bonds to a number of western lecturers, he invited Susanne …

Lecture  |  Daegu (Südkorea)  |  November 2014
Less is more

»A certificate of some kind is important, as well as mentioning  a few names, summarizing all the nonsense and forcing it into a ranking« Olaf Leu wrote. »On invitation by Professor and book-designer Jeong Jae Wan, Susanne Zippel spoke at Yeongnam University Daegu about competitions, rankings and distinctions, design awards being …

Delegationsreise  |  Berlin (Germany)  |  October 2014
Chinese-German Collaboration

With an entourage of 30 ministers, the chinese prime minster Li Kequiang traveled through Germany, in October 2014. Apart from the publicly recognized meetings with Li, the over 300 representatives of the Chinese economy who had come with him, held numerous conversations behind closed doors. 

In Berlin Christian Schwarz-Schilling as …

Delegationsreise  |  Berlin (Germany)  |  April 2014
BVMW-Member Susanne Zippel in dialogue with representatives of chinese economy

In april 2014, a high profile group of chinese managers and CEOs of chinese private businesses traveled through six german cities. The visit was part of the Executive Development Program (EDP) of the China International Talent Development Center (CITDC) and themed “ importance of the middle-class economy for structural change, …

Design award  |  Innsbruck (Austria)  |  March 2014
Design Award with format and future. “OUT OF BOX AWARD”

At the beginning of 2014, I was honored by the invitation to go to Innsbruck as a member of the jury for the “OUT OF THE BOX AWARD”, together with webdesigner Michael John (LOOP), fotographer Lois Hechenblaikner, architect Arno Ritter (aut), texter and conceptionist Water Robisch (schalkoxrobisch), as well as …

Reisebericht  |  China  |  December 2013
China visit in autumn 2013

In November I spent two weeks in China, although they feel like two months. Now, on the last day of 2013, it feels as though I have only just landed in Germany. I must admit, as always since my last China-visit, I was a little nervous. But with the arrival …

Podium  |  Frankfurt/Main (Germany)  |  October 2013
Trends in book design

As part of a range of panel talks for the forum Production in Publishing at the Frankfurt Book Fair, as a member of the jury of this year’s award “Best Book Design from all over the World”, I had the honour to talk to Greger Bergvall (Swedish Book Design Award), …

Degree  |  Dessau (Germany)  |  October 2013
Master’s student Hannes Meinhardt

For many months, I was able to assist with the Master’s thesis of Hannes Meinhardt, a student of Integrated Design at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in Dessau. His research focused on China’s musical subculture and visual adaptations compared to the music scene in the West. After his defence, …

Lecture  |  St. Gallen (Switzerland)  |  September 2013
Lecture at the Typo St. Gallen Conference in Switzerland: “Far Eastern Wisdom”

The topic of the very successful typography conference was “white space”, and I wanted to explain the design aesthetics principle of “white” and its roots in Japan and China. To do so, I went back in time 3,000 years to the history of the Far East and found it inevitable …