Lecture  |  Daegu (Südkorea)  |  November 2014
Less is more

»A certificate of some kind is important, as well as mentioning  a few names, summarizing all the nonsense and forcing it into a ranking« Olaf Leu wrote.
»On invitation by Professor and book-designer Jeong Jae Wan, Susanne Zippel spoke at Yeongnam University Daegu about competitions, rankings and distinctions, design awards being both vanity fair and a business in and of itself, and how the design-industry grows increasingly tired of awards«
»Those who constantly orient on and even measure against external standards, lose sight of several important things. Identity and self-image of designers are basis for the quality of their work, which in turn contributes to their identity and Position: seen as an original and grand achievement, the writing-system Hangul is the result of consequent focus on traditional values and return to cultural identity, rather than orientation on a western point of view.«
With this example from her design-experience, Susanne Zippel clarifies the title of her lecture: »Sometimes, no award is an achievement«.



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