Lecture  |  St. Gallen (Switzerland)  |  September 2013
Lecture at the Typo St. Gallen Conference in Switzerland: “Far Eastern Wisdom”

The topic of the very successful typography conference was “white space”, and I wanted to explain the design aesthetics principle of “white” and its roots in Japan and China. To do so, I went back in time 3,000 years to the history of the Far East and found it inevitable to incorporate some Far Eastern wisdom. I was taking a philosophical stance. However, I included much too much in my lecture and didn’t keep to my speaking time.

I made up for this by serving the organisers of the event a typical drink from my home city: Berliner Weiße, which I poured out while on stage.

→Rudolf Paulus Lorbach gives his impressions in shorthand format
→MyFonts were also at the conference and provided a detailed report
→Slanted reported on the conference with many pictures



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