Visit  |  Berlin / Göttingen / Nürnberg (Germany)  |  June 2012
Funny, educational and colorful –
Another edition of the children’s book I designed

During a flying visit to my Berlin office, the Göttingen-based publisher Klaus Hess, President of the Deutsch-Namibische Gesellschaft (German-Namibian Society) and Namibia specialist, informed me that there is going to be another edition of the children’s book I designed, ABC in Afrika (ABC in Africa). The lively rhymes, which were originally composed by the German Namibian physicist Oertzen exclusively for her daughter, are still very popular. Meanwhile, I was happy to comply with the request of the headteacher of a Nuremberg primary school by procuring one of the last copies of the edition to happily make a contribution to the Africa Weeks of the little pupils.

→More on Verlag Klaus Hess publishing house



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