Design award  |  Innsbruck (Austria)  |  March 2014
Design Award with format and future. “OUT OF BOX AWARD”

At the beginning of 2014, I was honored by the invitation to go to Innsbruck as a member of the jury for the “OUT OF THE BOX AWARD”, together with webdesigner Michael John (LOOP), fotographer Lois Hechenblaikner, architect Arno Ritter (aut), texter and conceptionist Water Robisch (schalkoxrobisch), as well as the book designer and typographer Roland Stieger (TCG) and cutter Monika Willi (“The white Ribbon”).

The format of the award is both simple and complex. Simply anybody can submit simply anything, that he has consciously designed, because due to the unconventional (even non-published works are reviewed) and non-commercial (a fee of only 20€), everybody can afford to participate. The members of the jury consist of seven experienced specialists in different design areas. At first, they all only check out “their” field and nominate their favorites. The chosen works are then very intensively discussed, before an award is given. This means, that all submitted works have to withstand a broad spectrum of opinions and views, which is a unique aspect of the “OUT OF THE BOS AWARD”. Still, a jury will never reach a so called “objective judgement”; the awards mirror the consensus of a group of international, very diversified group of jurors. Therefore, being “OUT OF THE BOX” is first a goal, then a claim and finally an agreement between the participants and the jury in regards of evaluation and perception.

By her own initiative and entirely on her own, the designer Gerhild Purtscheller has created this award and is now being assisted in organising by the student Johannes Reisigl. In a grand event, the prices were awarded in march.



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