Reisebericht  |  China  |  December 2013
China visit in autumn 2013

In November I spent two weeks in China, although they feel like two months. Now, on the last day of 2013, it feels as though I have only just landed in Germany. I must admit, as always since my last China-visit, I was a little nervous. But with the arrival in Hongquiao I stepped on familiar ground. I was home. Therefore I was already prepared for the melee at the taxi rank, pulled up my elbows in pushing-position; it was late, I was tired and was therefore determined to fight my way through the chaotic hordes battling for a taxi. But what was that?…
The queue moved quietly, suspiciously patient, yet surprisingly fast. The few shovers soon discovered that their behavior was outdated, as they were pushed back in line by their fellow countrymen. I was even more surprised, when a smiling policeman rushed to help me carry my baggage over the stairs I had to cross. Now I was definitely confused.

In the subsequent two weeks, after many conversations and experiences, I had found the answer: How easy the million-people daily routine in China had become through the internet. Just like in western countries, nearly any product could be bought online. This may appear trivial at first. But anybody who knows what it’s been like when one wanted to spontaneously board a train in China just a couple of years ago, has to relish the chance to order tickets online. Personally I felt a very flexible and spontaneous during my last trip.
The real reason of my visit were appointments with lawyers and corporate communication managers of western companies. The chinese government has recently surprised western businesses with new rules and regulations for the online representation in China. And this time they are serious about the deadlines that were set, the legal departments assured me.

“Along the way” I also met new and old friends and colleagues, held workshops, presentations, visited exhibitions and celebrated my birthday above the roofs of Shanghai. I even made an unplanned last-minute trip to Beijing, to look in on my local office. And again I discovered, that distances no longer hold any meaning. We are there for you, no matter, where I am.



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