Delegationsreise  |  Berlin (Germany)  |  October 2014
Chinese-German Collaboration

With an entourage of 30 ministers, the chinese prime minster Li Kequiang traveled through Germany, in October 2014. Apart from the publicly recognized meetings with Li, the over 300 representatives of the Chinese economy who had come with him, held numerous conversations behind closed doors. 

In Berlin Christian Schwarz-Schilling as well as two associates of his consulting office welcomed seven guests from the city of Tianjin. I was honored to be one of four representatives of the german medium-sized businesses. The attributes “blonde” and “female” only applied to me.

For three years, negotiation and planning took place, regarding a possible cooperation of Chinese and German companies in an industrial park that’s being built between Beijing and Tianjin. With an area of 30.000 km2, 100 newly planned universities and the estimated growth of currently 40 to an astonishing 100 million residents. Only two weeks before their arrival in Germany did the Chinese government approve of the project, which is partially coordinated by the Schwarz-Schilling office. Officially authorized by the Chinese government, they will be planning a completely german area in Tianjin, where businesses can establish long-term production and trade locations.

The signing of the cooperation contracts between the Chinese-german partners took place in a festive, but surprisingly open atmosphere.



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