Reisebericht  |  Paju (Seoul)  |  November 2014
Learning by teaching

Six weeks in South Korea and Japan: crammed full with workshops and lectures, including an intense five days with Ahn Sang-Soo – one of the most internationally known korean Designers (and keen lover of red caps). Because Ahn keeps tight bonds to a number of western lecturers, he invited Susanne Zippel to organise a 5-day Workshop at the PaTi Institute, of which he is the founder.
»Let your students do as much as possible, if not everything, themselves.« Much like Susanne Zippel, Ahn is a passionate believer in this Bauhaus-like principle. During the korean-english workshop, the students were faced with a challenge derived from the diversity of Susanne Zippels work: to develop a bilingual logo for a (fictional) shop.
Going from Vision to implementation, including drafting plastic foils and spending hours fixing these foils on the “shop’s” Windows in just a few days, the students engaged in productive Teamwork, not even letting hour-long drives between printing shop and institute dent their motivation.
»They all helped each other« the designer beamed. »And together, wie have mastered everything in time.« So much dedication and commitment can even spark over to educators, such as Minho Kwon, head of graduate programme and among the most famous illustrators in South Korea. Together with the workshop-participants he partook in what was perhaps the most fiddly part of the whole project: glueing the foils, but avoiding air pockets.
Apparently the time spent together has been inspiring for both sides: »Susanne has a Fanclub here, since«, Ahn Sang-Soo says. And smiles.



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