We are a Berlin based design firm that is spezialized on visual communication design and branding of western companies in China, Japan and Korea.

MPZD was established almost 10 years ago in Suzhou, in the center of China, by German designer Susanne Zippel with a vision to add design excellence to international multilingual business communications. For over 20 years she has been living, studying and working between Europe and the Far East. Nowadays headquartered in Berlin our agency has earned a reputation for outstanding design work specialized on integrating different writing systems and their cultural contexts.

Our worldwide cooperation network of a.o. Chinese, German, Japanese, US and Korean designers and translators finds solutions for every challenge of visual and content translations and multilingual design. We solve complex communication problems for clients who operate in Hanzi, Kanji, Hangul and Latin typography (or all of the above), while paying close attention to typographical similarities and nuances, exact wording and preserving corporate identities in every detail.

We bring a combination of expertise, fresh creative insights and up-to-date market knowledge to every project – from multilingual magazines and annual reports to finding the ideal CJK equivalent to your corporate font or visually translating the logo of a Far East company for the European market. Throw your font and design problems at us, we will catch them and find visually enticing solutions!


Heegermühler Weg 13
13156 Berlin


Malplaquetstraße 24
13347 Berlin

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